6 Large potatoes
IMG 4337

4 Eggs

2 Avocados (instead of mayo base)

3 tbls Mayonaise (approx)

1 tbls mustard (mustard seed style if you've got it)

5 Green Onions

2 Large crunchy pickles

Seasonings of your choice:

Garlic Powder, Perpika, salt, pepper, basil

Dill and lemon could be good...

Cut the potatoes into 1" cubes. Boil until semi-soft. Boil eggs (10 minutes).

Mix and mash in a bowl mayo, mustard, avocado, diced green onion, egg, and chopped pickles. Season to liking.

Add Potatoes, mix and allow to cool in refrigerator.

Bjaminh 15:22, March 15, 2010 (UTC)Ben

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