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''Welcome to Chalupa, the (extended) Haffie-Emslie family cookbook''
''Welcome to Chalupa, the (extended) Haffie-Emslie family cookbook''
=Recipes By Type=
==By Type==
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===Soups and Stews===
* [[Cold Beet]]
* [[Cream of Asparagus Soup|Cream of Asparagus ]]
* [[Golden Cheddar Cheese Soup|Golden Cheddar Cheese ]]
* [[Mexican Tomato Lime Soup|Mexican Tomato Lime ]]
* [[Mushroom Sesame Tofu Stew]]
* [[Curried Squash and Apple Soup]]
* [[Split Pea Soup ... from childhood]]
* [[Avocado Corn Salad|Avocado Corn]]
* [[Grape Rice Salad]]
* [[Avocado Grapefruit Salad|Avocado Grapefruit ]]
* [[Mexican Avocado, Tomato & Lime |Avocado, Tomato & Lime]]
* [[Calico]]
* [[Grape Rice Salad|Grape Rice ]]
* [[Potatocado]]
===Sauces & Spreads===
===Saucy Things===
*[[White Sauce]]
*[[Mango Salsa]]
*[[Creamy Garlic Dressing]]
*[[Pesto|Classic Haf-Em Pesto]]
*[[5 Pestos]]
===Rice Dishes===
===Rice Dishes===
* [[Asparagus Tahini Brown Rice Thing]]
* [[Fried Spiced Tofu]]
* [[Fried Spiced Tofu]]
* [[Rockin' Rice and Lentals]]
*[[Mom's Tofu Burgers]]
* [[Mom's Tofu Burgers]]
*[[Mom's Veggie Burgers]]
* [[Mom's Veggie Burgers]]
*[[Topping Combos|Assorted Topping Combos]]
*[[Feta Spinach Pizza]]
*[[Garlic Fried Noodles]]
*[[Orecchietti with Peas and Onions]]
*[[Pasta Fresca]]
*[[Pasta Verde]]
*[[Corn Quesadillas]]
*[[Greek Pita or Wrap]]
*[[Tofu Burrito]]
*[[Tofu Salad |Tofu Salad]]
*[[Sweet Potato Quesadillas]]
*[[Sweet & Sour Vegetable & Tofu]]
*[[Vegetable Quesadillas or Fajitas]]
===Sides / Meal Builders===
*[[Broiled and Breaded Tofu]]
*[[Curried Chick Peas & Tofu]]
*[[Easiest Refries in the World]]
*[[Greek Rice Pilaf]]
*[[Not Your Mother’s Green Beans]]
*[[Amaretto Cheesecake]]
*[[Apple Crisp]]
*[[Dark Chocolate Pudding]]
*[[Fruit-Filled French Toast]]
*[[Six-Minute Chocolate Cake]]
*[[Basic Black Bean Brownies|Basic Black Bean Brownies ]]
*[[No-Bake Healthy Chocolate Pie]] untested
*[[Hangover Shake]]
===Hard Drinks===
*[[Nuts and Berries]]
=Tips & Tricks=
==Replace this with the name of your topic==
* [[Cooking Rice]]
* [[Wines We Like]]
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==Latest activity==
===Recipe Sites===
* [ 101 Cookbooks] - weekly-ish blog featuring consistently amazing vegetarian recipes
* [ Taste Spotting] - Not fully vegetarian but fully good. Great photos.
* [ The Vegan Project] - Vegan food for your vegan friends.
===Info Sites===
* [ Cook's Thesaurus] - synonyms and substitutes for pretty much any ingredient ever
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